The Tintenbar Community Hall will soon receive further improvements with NSW Liberal & Nationals Government funding announced today.

Nationals Parliamentary Secretary for Northern NSW Ben Franklin joined with members of the Tintenbar community to announce $9,200 in funding for the hall.

Mr Franklin said the hall is an integral and much loved part of the Tintenbar community.

“The Tintenbar community have made it clear how important their hall is for the region,” Mr Franklin said.

“It is utilised by so many members of the community, from yoga classes, and martial arts classes through to Red Cross meetings.

“That is it why it is so important for the hall to be at the highest standard for everyone to use and enjoy.

Mr Franklin said that while the hall has undergone significant renovations over the years, the steps at the entrances to the hall have become damaged and deteriorated over time.

“The community of Tintenbar have rallied together over the years to make their hall the very best it can be,” Mr Franklin said.

“When the steps were damaged by spring water under the hall, I knew I had to do what I could to help the hard working people of Tintenbar keep their hall at the highest standard.

“I am thrilled the NSW Liberal & Nationals Government can provide $9,200 in funding to repair the steps.

“Effective governments can step up and help communities like Tintenbar when needed, and I am so proud that is what the NSW Liberal & Nationals Government could do today.”