The Lismore City Council has received a grant of $99,769 from the NSW Government to help upgrade the Nesbitt Park BMX bike track into an asphalt pump track.


The conversion will mean people can use the facility safely, all year round.


Nationals Member of the Legislative Council Ben Franklin said the upgrade would mean more people could use the track and not have to worry about weather damage.


“This will now be an even better space for people to get outdoors and ride safely, especially for young people,” Mr Franklin said.


“Parks are playing a big role for recreation and exercise in people’s lives at the moment and so any upgrades to local parks are great for the community.


“Asphalting the dirt track will open up the facility to include BMX riders, scooters, skate boards, trikes, balance bikes, mountain bikes and gravel bikes.


“The existing track is easily damaged by the weather and is often impacted by soil cracking, compaction issues, dust and water retention and often remains unsuitable and unsafe for community use. Converting the track will mean this would no-longer be a problem.”


pump track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders “pumping”—generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedalling or pushing. This can be enjoyed by many users and all ages, whether they are on a push bike, scooter, skateboard or rollerblades.


Lismore City Council Mayor Isaac Smith said the upgrades will make a positive impact in the community.


“This is a great outcome for the community,” he said.


“Nesbitt is a very popular and well-used park. Over many years Council has invested in Nesbitt Park to improve its facilities. This latest upgrade of an asphalt pump track means the park can be used by even more people, more often, regardless of the weather.”


The project includes re-designing the existing dirt track, undertaking drainage work to ensure the facility is maintenance friendly, re-establishing landscaping and vegetation and the construction of the new asphalted surface.


Local parks are a core element in communities and with restrictions easing and outdoor recreation now allowed in groups of 10 in NSW, parks are even more important to give people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Investment in projects such as this also creates jobs in the local community, which is incredibly important.