Wardell Reserve Sports Management have received $6,500 in NSW Government funding to assist in maintenance at the Wardell Sports Ground.

 Nationals Parliamentary Secretary for Northern NSW Ben Franklin made the funding announcement today which will allow Wardell Reserve Sports Management to purchase a new lawnmower.

 Mr Franklin said maintenance work at the sports ground is vitally important for everyone who uses the facilities.

 “The Wardell Sports Ground is a popular social and sporting hub for the Wardell community,” Mr Franklin said.

 “The maintenance work carried out the by Wardell Reserve Sports Management ensures the Ground is at the highest standard and can be enjoyed by so many people and sporting groups.”

 Mr Franklin said members of the Management group who carryout maintenance work have had to use an old lawnmower which is in desperate need of replacement.

 “A significant part of this maintenance work involves lawn mowing, particularly for the golf course,” Mr Franklin said.

  “The $6,500 in NSW Government funding announced today will mean Wardell Reserve Sports Management can purchase a new lawnmower.

 “This will make mowing and maintenance work easier, and means the Wardell community can continue to enjoy the wonderful facilities at the Wardell Sports Ground.”