Local Council Arts Funding at Leeton Art Gallery and Museum

Communities in 21 local councils across NSW are set to be inspired with exciting, ambitious, and innovative creative programs made possible through 2022/2023 Local Government Authorities (LGA) Arts and Cultural Projects Funding.

Minister for the Arts Ben Franklin announced the funding at Leeton Art Gallery and Museum and said more than $2.3 million will support the NSW arts and cultural sector in delivering exceptional experiences for locals and visitors.

“The latest round of funding will support the creation of 21 additional arts and cultural programs in 2022/23, driving economic benefits for communities, and providing entertainment that audiences want,” Mr Franklin said.

“This year has seen a real focus on First Nations arts and culture. Local councils from across Sydney, Western Sydney and regional NSW such as here in Leeton, are putting their best foot forward to deliver unique and diverse experiences.

“It’s anticipated these programs will be experienced by nearly 750,000 people, and involve over 3,305 artists, leading to more upskilling and career development opportunities for emerging and professional artists and arts and cultural workers.”

Minister for Local Government Wendy Tuckerman said councils supporting their local artists will gain additional exposure thanks to the Local Government Authority Arts & Cultural Program.

“Local artists are going to have more exhibition space, more resources and more opportunities to get their voice and their vision to audiences,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

“Councils using the funds to provide these fantastic new spaces can enliven and support burgeoning artists in their local communities, particularly for First Nations artists, and I’m looking forward to seeing the exhibitions in the near future.”

Local Government Authorities have been funded for programs focusing on excellence in arts and cultural outcomes for the communities of NSW.

For further information on arts, screen, and cultural funding, including targeted support opportunities, visit the Create NSW website at www.create.nsw.gov.au