Today I have called on the Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, to guarantee all festivals within the electorate of Ballina are not impacted by the changes to festival regulations.

I have spoken to the Premier on this issue many times over the last couple of months, both in person and over the phone.

I, like many others in our community have been concerned with the potential changes to festival regulations and the impact that they could have on long standing and very successful festivals in our community.

I saw the pictures of thousands of people marching in Sydney last night and I know that many people in our community feel just as strongly about this issue.

I want to make sure that they stay in our area and do not move across the border.

Having been to many of the festivals in our area, it is clear that they are not high-risk festivals and are run professionally and safely. Our festivals are the best in Australia, and it is essential that they continue to be allowed to operate without any additional hoops to jump through.

I have called many of the festival operators in our area and given them my assurance that I will do everything in my power to make sure that they are not impacted by any of the proposed changes.

I am confident that the Premier and the NSW Government will listen and will give our festivals the confidence and certainty to stay in our area long into the future.