Local Nationals Member of the Legislative Council Ben Franklin has today put out a call to the community to nominate local places and personalities that deserve to have their heritage value recognised.


The Blue Plaque program is inspired by the UK model that places a permanent blue sign in a public place to commemorate its value to that community.


Mr Franklin said nominations were open now and encouraged the community to send through places, personalities and events important to the local community.


“I am asking everyone to think of the places in our region that have an important story attached to them and submit those suggestions to my office to be nominated for a Blue Plaque,” Mr Franklin said.

“The place could be a much loved historic building, potentially related to indigenous history, social movements, wartime history, arts and culture, sport or local heroes.

“The plaques will be linked to a digital story to bring the history behind it to life and connect people to the amazing stories that have shaped our state.

To be eligible for a Blue Plaque, the place must:

  • Be in NSW;
  • Have an interesting story to tell about people or events that have an important, strong or special relationship to the place; and
  • Be visible to the public.

Nominations must be submitted to a State Member of Parliament. Nominations can be sent to Ben Franklin’s office by emailing ben.franklin@parliament.nsw.gov.au and are due by 5pm Monday 25 October.


For more information on the project, visit https://bit.ly/HNSWBluePlaques.